We are always happy to share up to date information on travel to Collioure from anywhere in the world, just email us with your query and we will try to help.

You can travel to Collioure from the UK by road (plus ferry/tunnel), rail or plane.  Once you are in our cottage in Collioure you do not need a car.  You may want to explore the Region but this can be done using the train and bus networks, sometimes taking a  taxi for the final stages of a journey.

Cheap flights are available from Ryanair, Easyjet,  Flybe, BMI baby, and Jet2. Air France flies from Paris. The nearest airport is Perpignan, others within reach are Montpellier, Toulouse, Carcasonne, Girona and Barcelona; the last two Spanish airports are European hubs.

Most airports have a navette (shuttle bus) that goes from the airport to the city centre.  From here there are train links to Collioure.  There are also buses from Girona and Barcelona airports to Collioure – see – and

For information about trains the following sites are useful.                

It is approximately 1200 kilometers from the Channel ports in France (Calais, Bologne etc) to Collioure and the driving time is around 12 hours.  Amsterdam is approximately 14 hours by car, and Madrid is 7 3/4 hours.

There are several ferry routes across the channel useful sites include