Les orgues

Les Orgues

Les Orgues

Les Orgues, an amazing rock formation, are situated near Ille-sur-Têt.

Just west of Ceret are the Gorges de la Fou, a deep natural gorge in the Tech Valley. There is a walkway at the bottom from which you gain spectacular views of the towering cliffs.



Giant Tortoises

Giant Tortoise feeding

The Vallee des Tortues

This park, among cork oaks and singing cicadas is rare as it is completely dedicated to tortoises and turtles. These creatures are both familiar as pets and wild animals, surrounded by legends and mysteries. This is one of the last European sanctuaries for chelonians in general and the Hermann’s Tortoise in particular. Not only is scientific research pursued here but a visit is great fun and the staff are happy to share their passion for their charges as this gives them enormous pleasure.


Le Tropique de Papillon is a butterfly paradise. There are hundreds of spectacular butterflies from all over the world alongside exotic plants and vibrantly coloured tropical flowers, including lotus and hibiscus. It is a relaxing and magical place with a caterpillar nursery, a children’s play area and a shop. Open during the summer months.

Animal Park

About on hour by car (90 km) on the way to Narbonne is an animal park.



In 1972, permission was granted to create an animal park, originally for breeding programmes. It was unique for its large size and being well integrated in the local environment it set out to contribute to protection the local fauna and flora whilst developping it’s conservation activity concerning African animals. This conception of conservation of the local wildlife by a zoological park is, to our knowledge, unique.

19, Chemin Hameau du Lac – RD 6009 – 11130 SIGEAN (FRANCE) – Tél : (33) 4 68 48 20 20 – Fax : (33) 4 68 48 80 85


Bird watching

Guest comment:




This is a bird watching paradise. Go under the low train bridge [near the cottage in Collioure] at the top of the path, plenty of nightingales singing. Otherwise in two days I photographied the following species,

Swift, swallow, sand martin, blue rock thrush, hoopoe, pipet, nightingale, red-legged partridge, olive warbler, black redstart, eckstart, whimcat, spotted flycatcher, woodchat shrike, buzzard, peregrine falcon, kestrel. Also day before yesterday [when on a drive,] we saw a black vulture. I haven’t bothered mentioning more common species like greenfinch, goldfinch.”

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