Along the coast

Along the coast


Easily accessible by the 1€ bus or train or quarter of an hour’s drive (10km)

Don’t miss le Cellier des Templiers where you can see how Banyuls (the fortified wine) is made. There are great celebrations after the vendage with bands, tastings in the streets, and a wonderful party atmosphere.

Coast by marine reserve

Band playing during the vendage celebrations



You can visit the aquarium and the marine reserve of Cebere-Banyuls


Banyuls vinegar



Vinegar production at Cosprons. Guest comment “The sweet wine from this region is made by a brave few into the most beautiful vinegar. I work in the vinegar business in the UK and Israel so I followed the wine route through Port Vendres and out on the road to Banyuls, turned right for Cosprons and followed the signs for La Guinelle and the Vinegrerie. M Vives Sylvian explained the process used. It’s pretty much put the wine in a barrel and wait 10 months. The results are spectacular. I am biased of course but this vinegar is gorgeous. I urge a visit with anyone with taste buds.

Vinaigres de Banyuls Cosprons 6660 Port Vendres Tel 04 68 98 01 76



Murale in Paulille

Walk from Paulille

1€ bus stops here or by car it is about 18 minutes (13k). There is a museum describing the history of the dynamite factory with many photos, and a catalan boat workshop. The parkland site is well set out leading down to pretty beaches. You can walk along the Sentier Littoral northwards from here.

Port Vendres

Port Vendres reflections

Port Vendres harbour

Easily accessible by walking, autobus, train or 7 minutes drive (3 + km).

Don’t miss the fish market, and the ambiance of the deep water port and leisure craft marina, the Charles Rennie Mackintosh walk and museum.

Beaches to the north

If you want to spend time soaking up the sun on vaste expanses of sand, try the rated beaches at Argeles North, St Cyprien, St Marie or Torreilles. These are from 7 to 37 k north of Collioure with journey times of between a quarter to three quarters of an hour by car.

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