Collioure Cottage

Food & Wine

Food and wine feature strongly in Collioure life.

Market stall

Spice stall

There is a lively bustling market on Sundays and Wednesdays with a good selection of local produce and stalls selling anything from shoes to haberdashery, and an amazing spice stall.



Anchovy shop


For centuries Collioure has been famous for the salting of anchovies, sardines and tuna.  At its peak in 1870 there were 140 boats and over 800 fisherman, catching anchovies.

Today this has dwindled to only two anchovy salting families Ets Roque, and Ets Declaux.   You can visit an anchovy factory to see how these delicacies are prepared.


Catalan cuisine includes fish often cooked a la planxa, vegetable dishes like escalivada and desserts such as  crème catalane and sweet tastes like croquants (almond biscuits).

restaurant scene

Restaurant scene



There is a wealth of restaurants in Collioure (over 30).  They range from the Michelin one star to tapas bars and pizzerias and of course there are take-away meals/ pizzas too.  For a taste of the selection go to



Guest comment:    ‘A good selection of restaurants both nearby and in the other half of town means that most tastes and budgets are adequately catered for.  From a light snack with  good food and friendly service,  to more substantial fare and some regional specialties.’

Visit a goat cheese farm

Their cheese is sold in Collioure market and there are twice weekly tours of the farm run by a friendly Dutchman who speaks excellent English.