Collioure Cottage



Collioure’s light and sunshine (some 320 days) have attracted artists for decades.

Les Templiers

Les Templiers sign

Les Templiers today

From Picasso to Dufy, Mucha to Survage, many artists frequented Les Templiers hotel run by Rene and Pauline Pous. Sometimes they exchanged art works in lieu of cash for fish stew and wine.  The proprietors amassed over 2000 art works and today the walls are covered with paintings given to them by artists.


The Musée

Poster about an exhibition


Collioure has its own Modern Art Gallery with interesting temporary exhibitions.  This is on the Faubourg side of the town.


Art Gallery entrance

Footpath to the Art Gallery


Matisse print

Derain print

During the first decade of the 20th century,  Matisse spent many summers in Collioure.  In 1905 Derain joined  him and between them they produced 242 paintings and sculptures in and around the village.  They used such vibrant colours and brushstrokes that they were dubbed ‘les Fauves’ (wild beasts). You can follow a trail with 20 replicas of their works situated where they were originally produced.  Find out more at Espace Fauve, Quai de l’Amiraute.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Mackintosh's Faubourg

Mackintosh’s Faubourg



This Glasgow artist spent time in Collioure and there are reproductions of his 3 paintings where they were originally created.

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